Network administration and management

Course Code : IR391

Time Hours : Semester 3, 6h (course) + 12h (Labs) = 18h

Time Periods : not available yet

Lecturers :

  • Thierry Raedersdorff, Systems and Networking Engineer, Thierry.Raedersdorff[at]
  • Olivier Waldek, Assistant Professor, olivier.waldek[at]

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Interconnecting IP networks using switches and routers is today a demanding and complex task. Consequently, this course will introduce network administration, supervision, monitoring and management with a practical approach. The course will describe Cisco IOS configuration at different levels : simple/advanced, IP routing, VLAN, network supervision. The students will apply several network admistration softwares and tools used by professionnals, such as CISCO IOS packetTracer, VMware, Nagios).


Part 1 : Advanced Network Management

  •  Interconnecting local area networks with CISCO IOS (VLAN, Routing)
  •  Network Simulation with Cisco PacketTracer

Part 2 : Network and Service availability Techniques – Network and service Virtualization with VMWARE ESX

Part 3 : Network Monitoring and Supervision

  •  SNMP protocol analyzis and tools (iperf, MRTG, SNMP, SSH, MIB, etc …)
  •  Remote Network and Service Supervision with Nagios/Centreon/Cactis.