Audiovisual Communication over IP Networks

Course Code : IR390

Time Hours : Semester 3, 18h (course) and 6h (labs)

Time Periods : not available yet

Lecturer : Ahmed Mehaoua Professor, ahmed.mehaoua[at]

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The goal of this course is to provide a good balance between theoretical concepts and practical solutions for transmission of audiovisual services over IP networks : Internet and mobile IP systems. The course covers the analysis of the whole transmission chain from source coding (audio & video coding) to channel coding and transmission (DVB, RTP, …). Network resource allocation and quality of service optimization are addressed. Finally, several labs are proposed to practically evaluate the most advanced solutions and concepts.


  • Transmission of audio, voice and video over IP : definitions and issues
  • Digital Video Broadcasting systems
  • IP video systems and network architectures (xDSL, RTP, IP multicast, …).
  • Voice over IP systems : coding, signaling and transmission
  • Audio and video coding principles and standards (MPEG, H.26x, G.7xx)
  • Audio & Video Quality Assessment : Subjective and Objective Quality metrics
  • Tests and deployment of VOD, IPTV and VoIP systems


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  • « Video Over IP : IPTV, Internet Video, H.264, P2P, Web TV, and Streaming : A Complete Guide to Understanding the Technology » Simpson, Focal press, 2008