Computational Logic

Course Code : IA362

Time Hours : Semester 3, 18 hours

Time Periods : not available yet

Lecturer : Antonis Kakas, Professor, antonis[at]


This course introduces the student to the main aspects of computational logic and its use in the development of scientific theories. It teaches knowledge representation and reasoning using the framework of Abductive Logic Programming (ALP) and its integration with Inductive and Constraint Logic Programming. The role of abductive and inductive reasoning in the process of knowledge development is examined. These ideas are applied to areas of Molecular Biology, such as modelling genetic and metabolic pathways.

Skills acquired by the students

High-level declarative programming and the use of systems, such as PrologICa and the A-System, for declarative problem solving in ALP. Modelling of scientific theories and connecting the experimental data with these through abductive and inductive reasoning.


  •  Introduction : The role of abductive and inductive Reasoning in process of knowledge development.
  •  Introduction : Modelling Problems for Abduction and Declarative Problem Solving
  •  Computational Logic & PROLOG – Background
  •  Abductive Logic Programming (ALP) – Semantics
  •  Abductive Logic Programming (ALP) – Computational model
  •  Abductive Logic Programming (ALP) for Declarative Problem Solving – Diagnosis
  •  Projects : First Discussion
  •  Abductive Logic Programming Systems (PrologICa and A-system)
  •  AbductiveLogic Programming for Declarative Problem Solving – Scientific Modelling
  •  Abductive Logic Programming : Further topics ALP for Planning
  •  ALP for Reasoning about actions and change
  •  Projects : Assignment of Projects ALP for Declarative Problem Solving – Computational Bioscience
  •  Modelling Apoptosis
  •  Gene Interactiosn and Microarray experiments
  •  Project : Progress reports
  •  Abductive Constraint Logic Programming (ACLP) Further Topics (time permitting)
  •  Integration of Abduction and Induction (ALP & ILP)
  •  Progol and HAIL Systems


  •  Abduction in Logic Programming by M. Denecker and A. C. Kakas
  •  The Role of Abduction in Logic Programming by A. C. Kakas, R. A. Kowalski and F. Toni
  •  Inference of Gene Interactions from Microarray Data by Abduction by I. – Papatheodorou, A. Kakas, and Marek Sergot
  •  ProLogICA : a practical system for Abductive Logic Programming by O.Ray and A. Kakas