Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP) track


Images and videos are nowadays present everywhere in our daily life. They are usually used to make our world more secure, for instance by means of video-surveillance, or to provide some intelligence to machines such as robots, as well as in ecology, biometrics or medical applications. There are also a wide range of industrial fields in which diverse applications, involving images and videos are developed.

The overall aim of this track is to provide to the students a theoretical background on image processing and understanding, and at the same time practical and analytical skills. An internship, between 4 to 6 months, will be done either in industry or in academic labs.

This specialisation-track will give several career opportunities to the students that earn the associated degree. Those students will have a very strong theoretical background that will allow them to make theoretical or applied research in a public laboratory or in a research and development department of a public or private company. It might lead to start-up and innovative companies’ creations.

The instruction language is English.

Core courses and Teachers (common to CVIP and NS)

Track-specific courses and Teachers

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